Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have a whole list of topics I would like to blog about here, but many of them involve evaluating available Java applications and their compatibility with the i wireless network and various handsets. Unfortunately, I have lost all desire to do so. The reason? I started carrying the HTC S620 a couple of weeks ago and it really serves all of my needs. So the last thing I want to do is stick my SIM card into a lesser handset and suffer.

In all seriousness, the S620 with i wireless Mobile Web PLUS allows me to do everything I want to do on a mobile device: I can check my work or personal e-mail whenever I want, I have access to my Outlook calendar without messing around with synchronizing, and I don't have to maintain my contacts separately on both my SIM card and my Outlook -- all my Outlook contacts are accessible.

I do have a few complaints:
  • I'm disappointed in the JOGGR. I really thought that I was going to like this feature, but I just haven't gotten used to it. I liken it to the iPod clickwheel which -- though neat -- just doesn't seem as easy and natural as as a directional pad that you click. My other beef with it is that I am always bumping it and inadvertently scrolling up or down or back or activating some other feature that I really didn't want. I haven't found a natural place to rest my thumb without touching the JOGGR.
  • The volume control doesn't seem to work with the Bluetooth headsets I've tried. If I adjust the volume on the S620, the volume in my ear does not change at all. I am able to change the volume on the headset.
  • The Gmail app. looks like crap on it. I have to use the mobile web site in order to read the type.
  • The alarm does not allow you to select which days of the week you want a recurrent alarm to go off on. This feature has become pretty much standard in mid-to-high-end cell phones. I suppose I could set up an alarm through my Outlook calendar, by that's not as quick and easy as it needs to be.
I don't want to go on, or it will seem like I really hate the S620. That's not true at all. I'm just picky. :) The S620 is a really nice device and I hope that I won't have to part with mine for a long time.
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