Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm Back!

Regarding recent comments...

No need to get nasty, loyal readers. I didn't realize that I had so many people waiting with bated breath for my next post. :) I have tons of great things to share with everyone, but I simply have not had time (or made time) to blog about them. I maintain (poorly, apparently) this blog in my own personal time. Unfortunately, much of my personal time has been taken up lately by work and other priorities and projects I have going on at home. Right now I am sitting in a waiting room which happens to have a computer connected to the internet in it, which is why I am able to write this post.

And as for EDGE...
As I have said before, as an i wireless employee, I am not going to make public any non-public information. That includes timelines for upcoming product/service launches. If you want to know when you will have EDGE in your area, I would suggest keeping your eyes and ears open for an official announcement from i wireless. You might also want to keep an eye on your phone's display. When the little "G" changes to an "E" - voila! You have EDGE.
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