Friday, April 25, 2008

Some More Tips for the HTC S620

I know I'm a little heavy on HTC S620-specific posts here on my blog, but that is simply because that is the phone that I carry. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, predictive text quit working on my S620. I was pretty sure it was a result of something I did, but I wasn't sure exactly what. I have been pretty bummed out about it too, because that was one of the reasons I liked WM 6.0 better than 5.0. Well, tonight I had a chance to research my problem, and thanks to an anonymous post on the HTC Smartphone Wiki, I now have my predictive text back. If you have encountered this problem, here is how you get it back:
  • Create a text message.
  • Press FN then SPACE.
  • Select XT9.
  • That's it.
If you don't like the predictive text, select ABC and it is turned off again until you do a hard reset of the phone.

The other crazy thing that happened to me today with my phone was that it somehow switched over to line two (I knew this because there was a "2" at the top of the screen by the EDGE "E"). Nokia phones have a keypad shortcut that allows you to switch lines quickly. I'm guessing that HTC has that too and I must have activated it by accidentally pressing the keypad. Many of you are probably surprised to learn that your phone has two lines and might be wondering why being on line two would be a bad thing. It's pretty simple, really. Line two (on i wireless anyway) does not allow outgoing calls. If you only get incoming calls on your phone, it doesn't matter, but if you want to place calls on your phone, it needs to be on line one. In the event that you ever find that your S620 has switched over to line two, here is how you get it back:
  • Go to Start > Settings > Phone > Call Options
  • For "Current outgoing line:" select "1."
  • Press "Done."
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