Saturday, November 04, 2006

...And Speaking of E-mail

The one thing that customers (particularly business customers) have been asking i wireless for the last few years is if they could get their work e-mail on their phone. Aside from setting up some convoluted mailbox rules to forward all of your e-mails, the answer has been "no." Not any more! I have not been one of the lucky ones who have been carrying the Windows Mobile devices for the past few weeks and months, so I haven't had much opportunity to see this in action, but you can now access your Outlook while on the road. I will write more when/if I try it out for myself. I do have a trick you can use to access your Outlook even if you don't have a smartphone or PDA. If you have the new Mobile Web PLUS and your company supports Microsoft Outlook Web Access, you can access it using your phone's browser. The browser on some phones does not support frames, so you may need to download the Opera Mini web browser. I have successfully read and replied to e-mail using Microsoft Outlook Web Access in the Opera Mini browser on a Motorola KRZR K1 phone. I believe I have seen this demonstrated on a Nokia 6620 as well. I don't think that the Symbian browser supported it -- the person use the Opera Mini browser...which is the topic for another post.
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