Thursday, March 08, 2007

HTC S620 Alarms Multiplying Like Rabbits!

For the most part, I like my S620, but there are some things about it that make me want to throw it out the window. One is the alarm.

I made the mistake of setting different times for the alarm, as I needed them. Little did I realize how under-designed the alarm feature is with Windows Mobile and/or the HTC S620. I now have alarms going off at all different times of the day, with no apparent way to deactivate them. Thanks to the HTC Wiki and a free download from SKKV Software, I think I may start hating my S620 a little less now.

I found and followed the directions below to clean up my unwanted alarms. It appears to have worked with my multiple 5:55 AM alarms. I will know by this time tomorrow if it worked on all the other alarms.
  1. Download, install and open SKToolsLite (Clean up and uninstaller utility)
  2. Select View -> Maintenance -> Notifications Queue
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you should see multiple entries already checked for “Clock.exe” (these are the alarms in the notification queue).
  4. Select Action -> Delete marked
  5. Do a soft reset (turn off then back on).
BTW, this issue is apparently referred to as the "phantom alarms" issue. That's a little too benign for me. I don't consider an unwanted alarm that wakes me up every morning at 4 AM a "phantom." A "nightmare" is more like it. But misery loves company. There is a thread on Howard Forums if you'd like to read about others who feel your pain.
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