Friday, May 25, 2007

Receive Your Voice Mails As Text Messages or Emails

I have held off on blogging about two similar, compelling services that I learned about at CTIA Wireless 2007 because I have not been able to successfully test either one yet. SimulScribe and SpinVox both take your voice mail, transcribe it into text, and send it to your device. SimulScribe offers a free trial of their service, but i wireless is not currently listed among the supported carriers, and the test messages I left on SpinVox's trial voice mailbox never came back to me as text messages.I like to try things our before I recommend them, but the Wall Street Journal just published a nice review of these two services, and I'd like to share the article with you while WSJ is providing free access to it.

If anyone out there gets either of these to work, let me know. If the transcription works well, it's a service that I could really get used to.
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