Friday, March 07, 2008

Free Tetris Clone as Addicting as the Original

Having tired of the Bubble Breaker and Solitaire games on my S620, I went looking for a new, fun, challenging free game a few months ago. I was pleased to find Kevtris. My college roommates hooked me on Tetris back in the day (on the original Nintendo game system, wasn't it?). Kevtris is a full-featured, fully developed, bug-free clone. It's been a while since I played Tetris, so my memory is a little fuzzy, but I think it's even better than the original. In addition to three levels of difficulty, Kevtris 2.0 offers the following game variations:
  • Classic (self-explanatory)
  • Wacky Blocks ("non-traditional" Tetris shapes)
  • Slider (when an arrow falls instead of a shape, it lets you "slide" blocks around)
  • Wacky Slider (mix of Wacky Blocks and Slider)
  • Custom Game (mix and match the other available options)
The game also tracks the untouchably high scores online if you allow it to. Perhaps one of the best features is the ability to pause your game, which allows you to play during any little bit of downtime that you have.

You can download Kevtris 2.0 to your computer at or download the CAB file direct to your device here.
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