Friday, March 21, 2008

Google Search From Your Windows Mobile Home Screen

I may have to take back what I said on my last post already. Earlier this week Google released a plug-in for Windows Mobile that puts a Google search shortcut onto the phone's home screen. This shortcut reduces the time it takes for you to get search results from Google by eliminating the initial "clicks" (e.g. finding the browser application, opening it, and navigating to before entering your query). This makes it so much quicker and more convenient for me to go back to my old habit of looking up movie showtimes through Google. I installed the plug-in on my phone yesterday, and I am already wondering how I lived without it. You can download it yourself here.

Google had previously released plug-ins for Symbian and BlackBerry.

Disclosure: In the interest of integrity and transparency, I will be making a concerted effort moving forward to disclose when I write about a company that I own stock in. Google is one of those companies.
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