Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Receive Emails on Your i wireless Phone

I'm going to go way back for this posting, although I'm sure that many of you are not aware of this fact.

If you want to receive emails on your phone, but you do not have a phone with an email client or you do not subscribe to the necessary data services, you can still do it...and i wireless customers have been able to do it for years. You just need to give the person or people who want to email you your address. Emails will arrive on your phone as text messages. "So how do I know the email address for my phone?" you may be wondering. Just add a "1" to the front of your phone number and "" to the end of it and you have your mobile email address. For example, if your phone number is (123) 456-7890, your email address would be

Please note that depending on your phone model, these emails may be broken up into multiple text messages 160 characters in length. Also - It works best if the person sending you the emails sends them to you in plain text format. HTML and Rich Text emails may not go through, and if they do, they are usually pretty hard to read with all of the extra formatting instructions that are sent as part of the message.

For those of you that have the advanced data services and other email solutions, this information may still come in useful if you ever want to sign up for text message alerts (for bill payment reminders, weather alerts, etc.) and i wireless is not listed as one of the supported carriers. Typically there will be an option for "Other carriers" or to sign up for traditional email alerts. Both should work as long as you know your email address.
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